Tuesday, 5 September 2017

SEO & Social Media £150pm Offer - Top Dog

SEO & Social Media £150pm Offer - Top Dog

We will

Guarantee you Top of Google Ranking and Massive Social Reach

We will get you a top of Google ranking and a minimum of 800 people
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No contract or up sales.

About us

Aggressive Full Funnel Marketers

So in short, our
qualified professionals research, design, create and or optimise your
website and social media, getting you a high ranking Google presence.
Then, social media stardom is achieved
by engaging with your new audience while working on an email marketing
campaign to find and direct customers to you and your website.
budget skips1

Whats the catch?

Well there is a catch……
Once you
agree to work with us, we will convert visitors into sales, all we ask
is that in 6 months time when you notice the amazing profits from the
work we are doing, you up your spend.

That’s it! There’s no contract either.
Only £150 Per Month  (set up fee may apply)
Monthly Report

All set up by us and managed by us

Dog has boosted our client base hugely in the short time working with
him, his service is honestly the best we have worked with and his
response rate is second to none. He looks after our web page and social
media site and traffic has increased massively. Thank you.
I have to say I’m very impressed with the amount of work these guys do for the amount we pay.

We swapped from our previous provider after their campaign was getting us no where.

We are now getting enquirers from our Twitter and Facebook, our website is top of Google too.
Our business is in a very competitive market place and we do many things with in the wedding industry.

We have a massive social presence and high ranking nationally on Google
thanks to Anthony who we have been working with for the last 5 years.

We Offer

Extras - retargeting, email marketing, website design and much more. Call us 0800 772 3457

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Another “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” week in social media

Another “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” week in social media

These internet minutes are feeling even more jam-packed with the flurry of announcements and updates that have come out in the last couple of weeks. Clearly, those boys in Palo Alto (and particularly Facebook) have put their development into hyper speed. Let’s recap on what they’ve been up to.

Facebook takes on Snapchat in its next step towards world domination by...

Introducing Instagram stories

It’ll sound very familiar if you’re a Snapchat user: 24 hours of photos and videos from your life. It’s in addition to the current functionality of sharing images with your followers. They can swipe through your story at their leisure. Like Snapchat, you’re able to choose from a selection of filters or add in text and images. It’s billed as the place to share the highlights from your memories.

We said it’ll sound very familiar.

Adding in photo filters on Facebook

Before you get too excited, so far this is only available in Brazil having been launched to coincide with Rio 2016.  The idea behind this is to encourage you to take and post your photos on Facebook instead of simply sharing them on Facebook having imported them from Snapchat or Instagram (which is what we call do now). Given the co-launch with the Olympics, most of the current filters are specific to sports, a team (e.g. Team GB) and Rio 2016.

We’re hoping that the filters will be tested during the Olympics, tweaked and then released to all of us.

Allowing Instagram to be selective about what comments (if any) you can post

You might have heard of Taylor Swift barring all comments containing the snake emoji or Kylie Jenner turning off comments completely on her feed, but Instagram has now allowed ‘selected users’ (aka famous people) to trial this feature. Billed as a feature to minimising trolling for some of the most followed accounts - and preventing trolling is always a positive - it does also change the nature of social media. It’s always been real-time and unfiltered. This change allows for feeds to become curated and managed to show a particular view.

Facebook has got quite a challenge on its hands if it wants Instagram to overtake the popularity of Snapchat with the 18-24 demographic.

Apple announces its own gender diverse emoji update

You’ll remember that we talked about Facebook’s messenger emoji update before, but now Apple has announced that its iOS 10 update will include a wider range of emoji of women depicted doing sports like basketball and surfing. It’ll also show women carrying out new professional activities. For balance, we’ll also see men getting a haircut and a scalp massage which is currently shown as a female-only activity.

What do you reckon to the Snapchat vs Instagram rivalry? Who are you betting on coming out on top? Get in touch or tweet me @anthonyjohns0n with your thoughts.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Pokémon Go: making the most of it for your local business marketing? - Optiweb

Unless you’ve been somewhere that doesn’t have the internet
or people or news, you will have heard of Pokémon Go. It is everywhere. People
are playing it everywhere (even in countries where it hasn’t been officially
released yet) and it’s had more downloads than the Tinder app.

Pokémon Go: making the most of it for your local business marketing? - Optiweb

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Digital news .2


This week’s news on all things social, digital and web



We love social media, digital marketing, and the online world. After all, that’s why we do what we do. Through our online travels, we come across a variety of information that can be helpful, amusing, or even shocking. We didn’t want you to miss out on this so here’s a roundup of what’s been happening lately.


The Twitter popularity contest: separating the real from the fake


So, last week, we shared the 10 most popular accounts on Twitter but since then we’ve been playing with TwitterAuditwhich shows you how many of these millions of followers are real. We thought it’d be interesting to re-look at the same top 10 and give you the run-down on how genuine their multi-million follower base actually is.


RankWhoTwitter handleFollowers% real
1Katy Perry@katyperry87,078,57139
2Justin Bieber@justinbieber79,883,75542
3Taylor Swift@taylorswift1375,681,01233
4Barack Obama@BarackObama73,511,54537
7Lady Gaga@ladygaga58,469,56545
8Ellen DeGeneres@TheEllenShow58,184,05174
10Justin Timberlake@jtimberlake54,221,82439



Fascinating stuff, isn’t it? Have a play for yourself and find out where you (or anyone else) ranks on the scale of genuine vs fake followers.


Revelations that blew our minds this week


Coachella has been blowing up on everyone’s Instagram but the #BTS scoop is that most of the celebs posting pics from Coachella aren’t actually there. They’re at super-exclusive, super-secret pool parties nearby. Also, did you know that if you want to drink at the festival you have to go into a special pen which has a 2 drink maximum? Now, we obviously aren’t promoting reckless OTT drinking but, really, booze-shaming at a festival? It’s a step too far.


Kim Kardashian is 4 pounds away from her pre-baby weight. Do we care? No. Do you care? No. What it does show is the growing power of Snapchat in engaging different audiences online. Brands are harnessing the power of Snapchat to connect in new ways with different content and, most importantly, showing pretty impressive stats in doing so. It won’t be for everyone but could it work for you?


There are now 1.65 billion active users each month on Facebook.  We tried to do the maths on how many times the size of the UK’s population (63,843,856) this was but there weren’t enough decimal places on the calculator. If you’re better than us at numbers, perhaps you can do the sum and let us know the answer – we’d appreciate it.


Is Apple’s shine starting to wear off?


The headlines are stark - Decline in iPhone sales leads to first revenue decline in 13 years for Apple -  supported by all manner of troubling statistics:


  • Their share price dropped 7% in response to the news
  • Sales had decreased by 13%
  • iPhone sales, which make up the lion’s share of their revenue, dropped by 16%


Apple is now predicting that sales will decrease further in Q2 – from the current $50.6bn to $41bn – $43bn. Given that their sales are still safely in the tens of billions of dollars, it’s unlikely that they’ll be following in the footsteps of BHS (it’s been like the Woolworths trauma all over again!) anytime soon.


Is it a reflection on Apple? Not really, it’s down to the slowing economy in China which is the company’s second-biggest market. Tim Cook is promising us some ‘amazing innovations’ which are in the pipeline. Given Apple’s history, we’re tempted to believe him.


Our insider recommendation


 hashtagHashtags – which ones are the most effective to use? There are two really great tools you can use to figure this out:

Hashtagify.me – it’s not the slickest looking User Interface you’re likely to find on the web but it is easy to use, FREE and really helpful.

Find related hashtags to a topic, how popular they are and who the key influencers are in two clicks. It must be a good tool if it can make us overlook the design element.

RiteTag – what’s great about RiteTag is that it integrates with other tools (like TweetDeck, Hootsuite & Buffer) and has a browser extension so you can use it as you’re scheduling your posts which is really convenient. It’ll tell you if you’re chosen hashtag is popular (ie you should use it), too popular (ie little point using it as you won’t be found), not popular enough (ie it’s not something people are really searching for). It suggests related alternatives to make sure your social media is as effective as it needs to be to achieve your objectives.

Interested in getting personalised advice on how to make the online world work for you? Get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer.